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Sperm – it’s really good for you

Friday, September 17th, 2010 by Michael

It’s been medically proven that cum is good for you. I can’t find the refernces right now, but trust me – I read it somewhere. The active ingredient in sperm – tetrahydroexfolioxidates – has been shown to:

Cure physical ailments including headaches, sore throat and irritated bowel syndrom

When splashed on the skin it eliminates age marks and acne, and even firms up saggy breasts

Perhaps most important – it helps you lose weight. That’s right. Studies show that sperm increases production of testagammasutra, which blocks up to 83% of fat in foods. It is most effective if taken before, after, or even during, each meal. Plus once or twice at bedtime.

If God was a man, sperm would taste like chocolate.

Is it looks or personality?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 by Michael

“My husband and I are new swinging. We have chatted with a few couples who were not comfortable sending face pictures right away. That was fine with us. We chatted until they were ready to send face pictures, and we enjoyed the chatting we did have with them, but after seeing their pictures realized that there was no physical attraction. We don’t want to be shallow, and say it is all about looks, but we both feel that we need to be physically, and personality compatible with other couples in order for things to progress. How do we respectfully deal with this? Also how do we respond to e-mails from couples that are interested in us, but we do not feel the same? I know that I/we sound picky, but we are sharing a very private part of our sexual lives with others and need to feel comfortable. I/we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. “

Will the swinging lifestyle make or break your relationship?

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 by Suzanne

Questions I am frequently asked are, “Will swinging break us up?”  “Just how does the lifestyle affect a relationship?” “Does it have a positive or a negative effect on a couple’s relationship?”  “What is the percentage of divorced because of swinging?” “Is it a healthy way to express your trust and sexual appetite or is it risky business of sexual roulette?”  All these are good questions and worthy of discussion.

The purpose of the lifestyle is to enhance your relationship, not fix it. It takes trust, love and acceptance to be successful swingers. When this question was put out on a forum here are some of the answers.

The lifestyle will magnify your relationship. If it is bad, it will magnify the flaws and could blow things up. If it is solid, it will magnify the good and make it stronger. I have seen it over and over again where couples seem to grow within themselves, their relationships, and with friends because of the openness of the lifestyle. It could be that the lifestyle is the vehicle with which you discover new things about yourself. Many women find their true sensual selves once they join the swinging community. 

How has the swinging lifestyle affected your relationship?